Changes available only in CVS:

Changes for 1.10.10 (16 Jan 2009):

Fixed bug 2099886: Sort order for modules is incorrect.

Fixed bug 2497505: Spurious semicolon added to "Included folders" setting.

Applied patch 2436910 (Tips and Status Bar Unicode fixes) from Arthur Barret of March Hare.

Fixed crash in List Editors dialog. Thanks to Mogens Beltoft for reporting this.

Changes for 1.10.9 (01 Sep 2008):

The Preferences dialog now indicates which settings for Edit Policy only work
against CVSNT servers.

Fixed bug 2076554: 'Normal(kv)' add option is not correct.

Fixed bug 2064147: Revision Graph won't redraw.

Downgraded TortoisePlink to version 0.56.

Fix bug where conflicts were not detecting during an Update, if an additional
update was triggered due to identical files. Thanks to Flávio Etrusco for 
pointing this out.

Changes for 1.10.8 (01 Jul 2008):

Fixed bug 1768669: Context menu icons setting only takes effect after Explorer is restarted.

Fixed bug 1871840: Scroll wheel doesn't work in Revision Graph view.

Fixed bug 1995609: Get clean copy in Commit dialog doesn't update file count.

Changes for 1.10.7 (03 Jun 2008):

Fixed two bugs in Make Patch:
- Contents of added files was not included.
- If a binary file was present in a directory, it was not possible to add other files in that directory.

Checkout dialog now has a resize grip, remembers its size, and fits on 1024 x 768 screens.

Updated French and Spanish translations.

Changes for 1.10.6 (07 Apr 2008):

Clarified restart options as per bug 1889699.

Fixed bug 1925930: CVS Revision not shown when using exclusive edit.

Dialog is now resizable. This fixes bug 1925298: Checkout dialog too wide for 1024px screens.

Fixed bug 1932767: Windows GDI+ Exception and bug 1932798: GDI+ is not properly initialized (internal GDI+ error).

Default edit policy is now "Do not use Edit/Unedit".

Fixed bug 1909227: Editors Dialog: 'Explorer' in context menu is broken.

Fixed bug 1910345: Annotate Dialog: 'Find' doesn't paint if 'No Highlight' is chosen.

Changes for 1.10.5 (28 Feb 2008):

Fixed bug 1902001: CVSIgnore command creates .cvsignore file in wrong folder.

Fixed bug 1901966: Folder treeview in Add Contents Dialog pops the menu twice.

Fixed bug 1901947: Add Contents Dialog has bugs in selection with binary files.

Fixed bug where 'edit -m' could be used against non-CVSNT servers.

Fixed bug 1891753: No longer possible to merge between time points.

Changes for 1.10.4 (06 Feb 2008):

Fixed bug where binary files were not selected in the Add Contents dialog.

Fixed bug 1886344: cvs edit uses option 'x' against non-CVSNT servers.

Fixed bug 1824313: Calendar in Checkout dialog has bugs.

Changes for 1.10.3 (24 Jan 2008):

Improved layout in the Revision Graph dialog.

Deleted revisions are now shown in red in the History dialog.

Changes for 1.10.2 (22 Jan 2008):

Fixed bug 1871119: History dialog isn't updated after a tag change.

Fixed bug 1858751: Update Branch/Tag List Dialog Box crashes.

After installing CVSNT, stop the lock server service as well the as dispatcher service.

Changes for 1.10.1 (02 Dec 2007):

Add warning when installing on Vista.

Fixed bug 1834868: 'Make patch' adds new files with absolute path.

Added three more Vista UAC fixes from Pontus Netler.

Changed CVSNT version to

Fixed bug 1823568: Files are sorted descending in Checkout dialog module list.

Fixed bug 1822544: Bad behaviour in 'Server' editbox in Checkout dialog.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC11 (29 Oct 2007):

Updated CVSNT to version

Fixed bug where language names were displayed incorrectly in the Preferences dialog.
Added English as a language choice.

Applied patch 1808937 from Gottfried Ganssauge: Support running on Vista Ultimate.

Fixed bug 1812483: "CVS Command..." crashes.

Fixed bug 1799774: Column width of file list in commit dialog.

Only show 'Autoignore' in Add Contents dialog if 
'Add ignored files' is selected in Preferences.

Fixed bug 1806164: Backslash in comment not escaped.

Fixed bug 1794079: Whitespace after server name should be trimmed.

Added Vista UAC fix from Pontus Netler.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC10 (10 Sep 2007):

Fixed bug 1785150: CVS Diff fetches Unicode file in UTF-8.

Fixed bug 1785115: Restore in Commit Dialog clears file list.

Fixed bug 1724473: Preferences dialog fails to load .cvsignore.

Unedit: Fixed bug where wrong filename was shown in the confirmation dialog.

List Editors: Fixed bug where context menu was shown in the wrong place.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC9 (14 Aug 2007):

Added FAQ entry to explain why CVS columns cannot be supported on Vista.

Fixed bug 1768653: gdiplus.dll not removed during uninstall.

Fixed bug 1723945: No text in context menu on Win2K if Folder view active.

If you select the 'Custom' setup type, you can now choose the install location for CVSNT.

Fixed bug where no overlay icon was shown for modified static files.

Always allow Commit on static files.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC8 (11 Jul 2007):

Updated CVSNT to version

Synched cvsgui protocol with WinCVS.

Fixed bug 1745860: Fails with large number of files.

Fixed bug where the About dialog did not show the server version.

Synched TortoisePlink with PuTTY 0.60.

Fixed bug 1745229: Bug tracker doesn't use module preferences.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC7 (27 Jun 2007):

Several installer improvements; see RFE 1724859 and bug 1725089.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC6 (23 Jun 2007):

Applied patch 1734975: Vista themed icons & W2k background folder missing icons fix.

Fixed bug 1724390: Installer should need only one Explorer restart.

Fixed a bug where the commit message was not remembered when the commit failed
(thanks to Anders Lauritsen for pointing this out).

Fixed bug 1736502: Revision Graph ignores max tags setting.

Fixed bug 1725236: Partial commit dialog crashes upon return.

Fixed bug 1728886: Keyword substitution defaults to -kc for Text/ASCII files.

Made installer restart of Explorer faster.

Fixed bug 1724911: CVS Diff fails "silently".

Fixed bug 1724468: Installer resets "network compression" preference.

Branch/Tag: Removed limitation on number of tags/branches shown in combobox.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC5 (10 May 2007):

Fixed bug 1716291: Bug in "Make patch".

Fixed bug 1702921: Garbled text in preferences dialog.

Fixed bug where full paths were shown in Commit dialog.

Fixed bug 1701838: Commit dialog: Item removed on canceled commit.

Fixed bug 1701850: Commit dialog crashes program on UseBug checkbox.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC4 (14 Apr 2007):

Clarify that Automatic unedit only works properly with watch on.

Fixed some cases where 'cvs edit' was called with incorrect options.

Fixed bug 1698980: Browsing for tools weird.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC3 (05 Apr 2007):

Ensure use of correct cvs.exe.

Removed support for Win9x.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC2 (02 Apr 2007):

Fix crash in History.

Changes for 1.10.1 RC1 (02 Apr 2007):

Fix problem with too much space on Revision Graph.

Fixed bug where -c was incorrectly specified for Edit.

Changes for 1.9.23 (16 Mar 2007):

Fixed several bugs in migrating preferences.

Delete old CVSNT installation.

Add text files with -c if Edit Policy is set.

Fixed bug 1669761: History doesn't show tags if .cvsrc contains log -N.

Fixed bug 1600622: Context Menu in Vista RTM (thanks to patch from djpowell).

Changes for 1.9.22 (28 Feb 2007):

Downgraded CVSNT to version Use official CVSNT installer.

Fixed bug where calendar control was not disabled after selecting and deselecting 'Files at certain time'.

Fixed bug 1644961: Can not "Mark Bug" during Commit.

Changes for 1.9.21 (23 Jan 2007):

Fixed bug 1632294: Wrong manifests.

Fixed bug 1632699: History: column widths are not restored.

Fixed bug 1632598: Exclusive Edit command is not exclusive.

Applied patch 1632529: Do not duplicate bug number in comment (thanks to Ilya Slobodin).

Changes for 1.9.20 (09 Jan 2007):

Fixed bug 1613361: Need to commit "twice" after bugid changes.

Fixed bug 1619374: Should not remember "Mark bug" flag.

Fixed bug 1611606: Can't add back a file after remove following instructions.

Fixed bug where bug tracker URL was not handled correctly (thanks to Ilya Slobodin
for patch 1613334: Fix of Bug Tracker URL).

Properly fixed bug 1598378: Tries to add .cvsignore with absolute path.

Changes for 1.9.19 (02 Dec 2006):

Fixed bug 1598062: Binary files added with -k+L.

Added registry entries for CVSNT SmartLoader, fixing bug 1598605: Unable to load
version of iconv.dll.

Fix several bugs in migrating preferences. This fixes bug 1594666: Default 
preferences not set correctly.

Fixed bug 1604358: Cannot CVS Remove folder.

Applied patch 1601260: Use bug (-b) and Mark bug (-B) should be mutually exclusive.

Made Add Contents work again.

Fixed bug 1598378: Tries to add .cvsignore with absolute path.

Implemented RFE 1259411: Allow to specify RCS expansion options during merge.

Fixed bug when user selects multiple modules inside a non-CVS folder.

Fixed bug where Scope tab in Preferences dialog was never shown.

Fixed bug 1593946: No context menu at all and no icons on Windows 2000.

Changes for 1.9.18 (05 Nov 2006):

Add Contents: Fixed bug where overlay icons were not showing. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1589870: Setup: Failed to copy TortoiseCVS installer helper. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1589874: sserver libraries are missing. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.17 (31 Oct 2006):

Fixed bug 1584472: Preferences dialog does not retain information. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1584470: About Dialog Crashes TortoiseCVS. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1583798: Offers no CVS Checkout. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1577585: Included/excluded folders doesnt work. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1496119: Rename functionality broken. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1429905: Context menu on renamed files. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1428908: A renamed file stays "Renamed" in display. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1237740: Rename for folders does't work. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1191069: Diff cmd on a renamed item. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1174352: Rename without commit allowed. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1584672: CVS Diff line ending does not match sandbox. (Torsten)

Renamed files can now be properly committed. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.16 (21 Oct 2006):

Improved handling of View in History and Revision Graph dialogs. (Torsten)

Updated menu icons. (Torsten)

Revision Graph: Do not truncate comment in tooltip. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1577585: Included/excluded folders doesn't work. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1566259: Multiple commits on related directories. (Torsten)

The installer now attempts to download and install the Microsoft 
Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86 and x64) if it is not
already installed. (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to version (includes the free version of 
CVSNT Manager). (Torsten)

Fixed bug in handling of bug numbers in Commit dialog. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1562405: No overlay icons in 32-bit Explorer on x64. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1561662: Start Explorer after killing it if 
Windows doesn't. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1560743: Crash during CVS Commit. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1560748: Crash on "Tag...". (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1560746: No context menu in history. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1560739: No Code Lines in Annotate. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.15 (17 Sep 2006):

Fixed bug 1555364: Too many CVS operations. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1558570: CVS unedit doesn't work. (Torsten)

Partly implemented RFE 1329258: Support "Static Files". (Torsten)

Add Contents: Always show Explorer menu in context menu. (Torsten)

History and Revision Graph can now handle filenames containing semicolons. (Torsten)

Added bug number support to 'Show edited files' command. (Torsten)

Various installer improvements. (Torsten)

Full support for 64-bit Windows on AMD processors. (Torsten, March Hare)

Added bug number support in Annotate dialog. (March Hare, Torsten)

Fixed a bug in the CVSGUI protocol code that caused exit code to sometimes be lost. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1541385: Nested checkout does not work. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1531316: TortoiseAct.exe exception when tagging. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1531945: Large update - initial output truncated. (Torsten)

Bug fixes for bug number support. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1532831: Ignores custom home folder. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.14 (26 Jul 2006):

Fixed bug 1527747: CVS update failure. (Torsten)

Create cvs.exe.local to force CVSNT to use the correct DLLs. (Torsten)

Fixed bug that prevented CVS Ignore from working. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1521721: Invalid option -- -. (Torsten)

Fixed bug where context menus were always shown in English. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1523703: Can't add folder to repository. (Torsten)

Fixed a preference bug. (Torsten)

Update to Inno Setup 5.1.6. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.13 (11 Jul 2006):

Updated CVSNT to version (Torsten)

Changed directory handling; this fixes some problems with the way
CVSNT applies permission checks. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1501884: Crash with xplorer2. (Torsten)

Drop Win9x and NT4 support. (Torsten)

Applied patch 1505966: Fix for some shell menu icons having grayish background. (Torsten)

Applied patch 1503619: Nice full-size extension icons instead of squished ones. (Torsten)

Fix handling of UNIX sandboxes. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1501570: CVSGlue always producing UNIX endings. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1502427: Checkboxes in every column in Add Contents dialog. (Torsten)

Link PostInst statically to attempt to fix bug 149953: 1.9.12 install failure. (Torsten)

Converted Polish translation to UTF-8 (thanks to Adam Strzelecki). (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.12 (01 Jun 2006):

Upgraded wxWidgets to 2.6.3. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1433229: 'Commit selected files' should end with ellipsis. (Torsten)

Updated the Web Log URL autodetection code to match the new CVS server 
naming scheme at Sourceforge. (Torsten)

Updated the 'Checkout TortoiseCVS' command to match the new CVS server 
naming scheme at Sourceforge. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1477251: sserver will not take protocol parameters. (Torsten)

Dropped support for Win9x. (Torsten)

The "Automatic unedit" feature is now compatible with CVS 1.12.12. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1455510: Branch/tag lost on export with date/time. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1402261: CVS submenu lacks a separator above Tag. (Torsten)

Added Slovenian translation from Martin Srebotnjak. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1398031: Diff causes 'absolute pathname' error. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1397741: Diff: Temp file has a write lock. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1362026: Files/folders starting with '!' could not be ignored. (Torsten)

Preferences (except for Icon set and Colours) can now be set both globally and per-module. (Torsten)

Accept protocol parameters for all protocols except :local: and :ext:. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1362751: Conflict files generated with wrong line feed. (Torsten)

TortoiseCVS now always uses "cvs ls" to obtain a listing of modules on the server
(recent CVSNT clients are able to emulate "cvs ls" in the client even if the server
does not support it natively). (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to version (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1364610: Diff fails when -N option activated on server
for checkout command. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1369803: "Chinese [GB2312]" in Language selection is Big5. (Torsten)

Add "Copy to Clipboard" menu item in History dialog (RFE 1251698). (Torsten)

Added option in Update Special to disable recursion (RFE 1237492). (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.11 (29 Oct 2005):

Fixed bug 1329103: Abort didn't abort. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1325817: Dropdown "CVS Command" forgetful. (Torsten)

Upgrade to latest cvsgui protocol. (Torsten)

Show native language names in the language dropdown in Preferences. (Torsten)

Make Catalan and Georgian show up in the language dropdown in Preferences. (Torsten)

Applied modified version of patch 1325859: Shorten two strings. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1325841: Status bar wrong. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1307984: Crash when selecting "Add content". (Torsten)

Fixed bug: Tag, Branch, Web Log, and Update Special was not available for edited files. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1307950: German dialog text cut off. (Torsten)

Fixed bug in build scripts that caused strings in the installer not to be translated. Thanks to Juan Diego Gutiérrez
Gallardo for pointing this out. (Torsten)

Include Russian User Guide by Vladimir Serdyuk.

Include Spanish, Korean, Romanian, Turkish, and Traditional Chinese translations for Inno Setup. (Torsten)

Update to Inno Setup 5.1.5. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1297217: Progress Dialog always autoclosing after Edit command. (Torsten)

Do not install the :ntserver: protocol DLL. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.10 (09 Sep 2005):

Fixed bug 1213844: "Fetch list" command broken. (Torsten)

Fixed a few installer bugs. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE 1203884: Update special needs "create empty folders" option. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE 1203885: Allow user to specify a folder name in "Update Special". (Torsten)

Fixed bug in Add dialog: "Binary Diff" and other options could not be selected. (Torsten)

Added Pageant to installer (RFE 1172882). Updated puttygen to 0.58. (Torsten)

Fixed progress dialog keyboard focus problem. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1267129: "Collapse revisions" not reversible. (Torsten)

Fixed bug in displaying server version when using :local:. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1267137: Buttons in "Annotate -> Find" not aligned. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.9 (22 Aug 2005):

Repository browser in Checkout dialog, contributed by March Hare. (Torsten)

User Guide has been slightly updated and features a new look. (Torsten)

Made Set Limits button in Revision Graph work again. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE 528333: CVS_SERVER support. This code was contributed by 
March Hare. (Torsten)

Started adding support for bug numbers, based on code contributed by 
March Hare. (Torsten)

Moved Edit preferences to a separate tab and implemented proper ghosting. (Torsten)

New preference "Show edit dialog" that allows entering a comment when 
editing a file. This code was contributed by March Hare ( (Torsten)

The Checkout, Tag, Branch, Update Special, and Merge dialogs now prevent
entering illegal tag characters. (Torsten) 

Fixed bug 1256088: Local CVS server not working. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1206305: Initial connection to SSH module fetch problem. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.8 (01 Aug 2005):

Fixed bug 1217230: Collaborative edit file state name and menu name. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1240587: Flag -kx always set for binary files. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1213844: "Fetch list" command broken. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1206308: Action window "Close on completion" inconsistent. (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to version (Torsten) now links to the new tcvswix project 
(run by Kevin Cheng), which provides Windows Installer (.msi) packages of

Added Simplified Chinese User Guide from shengfang. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1234090: No overlay icon on file after "edit". (Torsten)

Annotate: Applied patch from Marcel Gosselin to make searching upwards working 
again. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.7 (17 Jul 2005):

Fixed bug 1238005: Escape doesn't close Revision Graph dialog. (Torsten)

Applied patch 1221620: Update command does't refresh overlay of files. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1221702: Create Branch crowded/missing text. (Torsten)

Fixed bug where clicking a truncated log message in the Commit dialog history 
selected the truncated message instead of the original message. (Torsten)

Fixed bug: Right-clicking in conflict resolution list did not work. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1239012: Add Contents fails on existing directory. (Torsten)

Applied patch from Marcel Gosselin for Find in Annotate dialog. (Torsten)

Ask for confirmation before installing on Win64. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1221158: Checkout: Created folder name contains invalid characters. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1207099: 1.9.5 messed up the statusbar. (Torsten)

Applied patch 1193660: Better English. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1206095: Crash in Revision Graph when toggling "show tags". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.6 (05 Jun 2005):

Updated to wxWidgets 2.6.0, thereby fixing bug 1204326: Error 
loading %HOME%\.cvsignore. (Torsten)

Added Georgian translation (contributed by Gia Shervashidze). (Torsten)

TortoiseCVS now refuses to be installed on 64-bit Windows. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1202920: About dialogue: Line endings broken. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1193140: Installer claims TortoiseCVS already installed.

Added option to disable Explorer tooltips. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1194077: Colors wrong in annotate. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1032776: Comment history - wrong selection. (Torsten)

Fixed bug 1196530: Small context menu not at mouse position. (Torsten)

Annotate dialog now properly remembers highlight setting. (Torsten)

64-bit portability patches from Bruno Jouhier. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE 1169594: Prompt on Remove. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE 529291: Browser links to go to checkout dialog. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.5 (30 Apr 2005):

Implemented RFE 991068: "Create Patch" functionality similar to "Commit" func. (Torsten)

An older CVSNT version is now installed on Windows 95/98/ME. (Torsten)

Fixed bug where CVS Diff would sometimes inexplicably fail. (Torsten)

Added Spanish translation (started by Carlos Mendez and now maintained 
by Juan Diego Gutiérrez Gallardo). (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [747412] "Show CVS information in Explorer tooltips". (Hartmut/Torsten)

TortoiseCVS is now case sensitive when matching files against .cvsignore, just as
CVSNT has been for some time. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1062406] "Make 'clean copy' more accessible for committals". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1170210] "Commit dialog - one comment per file". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1153941] "Use 'c' and 'x' expansion modes for binary files". (Torsten)

When doing CVS Add or CVS Contents, TortoiseCVS no longer shows 
confusing '?' messages. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1182230] "CVS -> Annotate... -> show log messages works 
randomly". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1182258] "TCVS talks in first person." (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1178010] "(1.9.4) Weird behaviour of Ctrl+Up and 
Ctrl+Down in History". (Torsten)

Removed VC6 projects, as they have not been maintained for a long time. (Torsten)

Removed the "Checkout wxWidgets" command. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1168046] "(1.9.4) History dialog doesn't handle line breaks 
properly". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1168985] "(1.9.4) RevisionGraph Dialog doesn't reload". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1167635] "Commit + Comment-History may crash". (Torsten)

In the History dialog, Ctrl-Up/Down no longer wraps around. (Torsten)

Added Catalan translation from Alex Guardiet. (Torsten)

It is now possible to install TortoiseCVS without restarting Windows. (Torsten)

Update to Inno Setup 5.0.8. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.4 (20 Mar 2005):

Fixed bug [1166752] "ALL dialogs are opened at Z-order bottom". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.3 (09 Mar 2005):

Rebuilt, no changes to source.

Changes for 1.9.2 (05 Mar 2005):

Implemented RFE [863224] "Use 'cvs editors' for 'Automatic unedit'". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [556337] "Policy: auto-commit after remove please". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1156421] "Show Explorer Menu for multiple selected files". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.9.1 (27 Feb 2005):

Added Japanese (Yutaka Yokokawa) and Romanian (Dumitru Pletosu) 
translations. (Torsten)

Added tip for the case where an old version of the CVSNT lock server 
is installed locally. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1119783] "Incomplete shell extensions on folders with 
customized icons". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1123051] "moving branch fails in History and Rev.Graph
dialog". (Torsten)

Links of the form "bug 123" and "#123" in the History and Revision Graph 
dialogs are now automatically converted to hyperlinks to a user-configurable
bug tracker (addresses RFE [935783] "Providing clickable links to Mantis"). (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [743265] "add leading / to repository folder for checkout". (Torsten)

When TortoiseCVS is first installed on a machine, it is no longer necessary 
to restart Windows. Reinstalls still require restarts, however.

Implemented RFE [696840] "Changing icons does not require a reboot". (Torsten)

CVS Edit now uses the -x option for binary files to implement true 
exclusive edits. (Torsten)

There is now an "Edit policy" preference which allows specifying if the 
Edit/Unedit commands are shown in the context menu. Also, it is possible 
to have an "Exclusive edit" command, or to make all edits exclusive. (Torsten)

The preference "Automatic commit" now includes modified and deleted files when 
invoked from Add Contents (addresses RFE [807612] "Add Contents + Commit"). (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1038747] "Avoid fetching more than one Modules list". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1110777] "History log does not remember apply action". (Torsten)

Newly created .cvsignore files are automatically added to the repository. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [744228] "Close on completion checkbox for progress dialog". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1077523] "Support of the new CVSNT "rename / move" 
feature". (Torsten)

History dialog: Added keyboard shortcut. Show keyword expansion and filename
information on a per-revision basis. (Torsten)

Disabled "View" menu item in History and Revision Graph dialogs for
executable files (addresses RFE [1071161] "action "View this revision" 
can be dangerous"). (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1102428] "TortoiseCVS will CRASH explorer". (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [1005036] "Show messages when -n flag is set." (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1004430] "extension of Unedit dialog". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1100457] "Show check-in comments on annotate". (Torsten)

Added new icons from visli with Chinese character overlay. (Torsten)

Fancier Credits dialog. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1076367] "Warn on empty commit comments" thanks to patch from
Friedrich Brunzema. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1102248] "Missing Russian timezone parsing in getdate.y". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1097045] "TortoiseCVS interaction breaks Cmd-window keystrokes". 

Fixed 100% CPU usage problem. (Hartmut)

Updated CVSNT to version (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1092624] "Strange behaviour: 'Finished ...'-dialog closes on 
MouseOver. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug in Commit dialog where double clicking on an added or removed file
always toggled the first file in the list. (Torsten)

Revision Graph: Numerous improvements, too many to mention separately. (Torsten)

Web Log no longer authenticates using "blast_username". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1082937] "Auto Unedit of unmodified files fails". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1083979] "Compiled CVSROOT lacks a colon". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1083696] "Module field input value autocomplete fails". (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [898638] "Save revision Graph as picture". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [936603] "Highlight merge arrow on Revision Graph". (Torsten)

Revision Graph dialog: Options to toggle display of tags, as well as
non-interesting revisions. (Torsten)

Checkout dialog: Remove any trailing slash from the CVSROOT
directory. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1062665] "cvslock.exe should be deleted". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1062334] "Comment history munges newlines". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [982772] "Advoiding lost changes when changing rows in the history
vie". (Torsten)

CVS Add: Always treat .sql files as text. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [627916] "Run arbitrary CVS command". (Torsten)

Fixed bug "Invalid keyword expansion -ku when adding Unicode files" (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1060938] "Must Resolve Coflicts one at a time". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1060210] "No prompt to add ssh key to cache". (Hartmut)

Fixed [1058941] "'cvs version' breaks update and add". (Hartmut)

Update to InnoSetup 4.2.7. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug where "tag" and "remove" always reported success. (Torsten)

Added "Show tags" checkbox in Revision Graph. (Torsten)

Update to TortoisePlink 0.56. (Hartmut)

Added CVSNT lock server, required for :local: protocol. Fixes bugs [1052996] 
and [1046257]. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1051161]" TortoiseShell.dll not updated after upgrade". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1046257] "Local mode doesn't work in 1.8.1" by updating cvs95.exe
to 2.0.58a. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1039807] "Annotate doesn't show tab character properly". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [1043839] "Include cvsagent from CVSNT". (Torsten)

Update to CVSNT 2.0.58. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1017260] "Diff fails to generate temp filename". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1030868] "'Make New Module Dialog' is too narrow". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1040282] "Wrong accelerator for 'Tag' field in Tag dialog". (Hartmut)

Fixed problem with "CVS update" not asking for password. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1032178] "Month DropDown Box on Checkout does not drop down." (Hartmut)

Do not use -B for old CVS servers (prior to 1.11.1p2). (Torsten)

Revision Graph: Allow suppressing display of tags and "non-interesting"
revisions (i.e. revisions which do not have tags/branches, or are the source
or target of a mergepoint). (Torsten)

Checkout dialog: Allow choosing the port for :ext: as well as for :ssh:. (Torsten)

Add Contents dialog: No longer shows files in .cvsignore by default - there is
now an option in Preferences to get the new behaviour (RFE [994412]). (Torsten)

Commit dialog: There is now an empty entry at the top of the History dropdown,
so that it is easy to select the previous entry using the mouse. (Torsten)

Make Patch: Do not show "Browse" button when only files are selected. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1026604] "1.8.0-RC6 doesn't work on NT4". (Hartmut)

Update to CVSNT 2.0.51d. (Hartmut)

Support for renaming files (this feature is still experimental in CVSNT). (Torsten)

New default icon set. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [987436] "Display Server CVS version clarifications".

Workaround for CVSNT bug where edit -c does not check for existing edits if
invoked from parent directory. (Torsten)

If a command fails with "end of file from server" and the protocol is SSPI,
retry the command without encryption to support SSPI on Linux
servers. (Torsten)

The List Editors command now has its own dialog and shows not only filename
and author, but also date, hostname, and path. It is also possible to sort the
listing on the different columns. (Torsten)

Annotate dialog now remembers sort column. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug in History Dialog: Enable clipping again for non-branches and 
non-tags. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1017431] "History screen does not show anything." (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [1013084] "Add 'Annotate' to the context menu in the Annotate 
view". (Hartmut)

Fixed crash for file "NUL". (Hartmut)

Added new iconsets (patches [1005962], [1014654], [1014670]). (Hartmut)

Fixed bug in History Dialog: Tags and branches were clipped. (Torsten)

Fixed bug in History Dialog: Changed log messages did not persist when moving
to a different revision. (Torsten)

Made "List Editors" work again. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [702472] "Add CVS Status display of 'Locked'": In the
Properties dialog and in the Explorer "CVS Status" column, a file which is
unmodified but Edited by the user will show as "Locked". (Torsten)

Fix broken %mine / %yours substitution for external merge application. (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [688928] "CVS checkout into checked-out folder". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [995108] "Committing project root folder in 1.8 gives uptodate fail".

Implement RFE [1005041] "cvs add content could better deal with .cvsignore".

Updated TortoisePlink to 0.55 to fix security bug. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [1003932] "Adding of files since Tortoise 1.7 impossible". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [971187] "Web Log / TortoiseAct.exe problem". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [1000090] "Folders with [ ] don't add correctly to .cvsignore". 

Fixed bug [1002963] "sserver doesn't work without ca.pem". (Hartmut)

Update to CVSNT 2.0.51a, fixes bug [999567] "weird problem with .exe 
files in repository". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [997637] "Diff does't work within a directory with dots". (Hartmut)

Add column "state" to Add Files dialog (see RFE 994412 "CVS Add Contents dialog 
shows ignored files"). (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [993791] ""View this revision" -- selecting viewer". (Torsten)

Add "-ssh" to default TortoisePlink parameters. (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to version 2.0.48. (Torsten)

Fix MinGW compilation. (Hartmut)

Added French User Guide thanks to Cedric Babault. (Torsten, Hartmut)

Build process now uses GnuWin32's bison and flex instead of Cygwin's. (Hartmut)

Add statusbars to all resizable dialogs as the old resize grip is not redrawn 
properly on a themed XP system. (Hartmut)

Add column "filetype" to commit dialog. (Hartmut)

Show sort indicator in listview header in commit, annotate and add files 
dialogs. (Hartmut)

Replaced richedit in progress dialog with listview (plus other tweaks) to 
improve performance when doing operations with lots of CVS output 
(should fix bug [883903] "high cpu usage"). (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [977228] "Add the filename to history window title." (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [970347] "Manual still refers to FileTypes.config". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [960863] "'Update special/Get tag' in base folder broken". (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [703395] "Wrap check-in messages at <80 chars.". (Torsten)

Increased setup compression - see patch [912489]. (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [974056] "Annotate a specific revision". (Hartmut)

Update to wxWindows 2.5.2. (Hartmut)

Implement RFE [972751] "Override automatic line ending format detection". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [971187] "Web Log / TortoiseAct.exe problem". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [971159] "Shell icon shows non-existant change". (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [654869] "'View' in History dialog". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [952945] "Sticky Date column in Explorer": The explorer column
"CVS Sticky Tag" is now known as "CVS Sticky Tag/Date" and shows either sticky
tag or sticky date. Similar functionality is now available in the CVS property
sheet. (Torsten)

Added Catalan translation to the installer. (Torsten)

The caption on the CVS submenu can now be changed by editing the registry
entry "SubMenuName". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.7.3 (04 Jun 2004):

Fixed bug [942998] "TCVS causes crash in VB6 File Open dialog". (Hartmut)

Update to InnoSetup 4.2.4 (Hartmut)

DEBUG builds of TortoiseAct.exe and TortoiseShell.dll now create dump files
when crashing. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [964372] "Focus error in Commit dialog". (Hartmut)

Applied patch [961486] "UNIX". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [962106] "1.7.2: CVS/Repository content is invalid". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [960941] "could not add file with TortoiseCVS". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [959187] "comment history made TortoiseCVS exit with no info". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [961604] "TortoiseCVS 1.7.2 does not install locale files". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [961391] "Right click doesn't work properly". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.7.2 (26 May 2004):

Fixed bug [960008] "Backslashes break right-click diff". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [959852] "Copying text from 1.7.1 leads to explorer hanging". (Hartmut)

Update to CVSNT 2.0.41a. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [948692] "Problem with Diff command using Unix Line endings". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [948564] "Annotate shows HEAD branch". (Torsten)

Branch/Tag dialog: Changed keyboard shortcut for "Check that the files are
unmodified" from Alt-U to Alt-F to avoid clash with "Update list..."
button. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [763245] "Include files to be added to the rep. in Make
Patch". (Torsten)

Fixed broken "Restore" in commit dialog. Allow "Restore" for multiple 
files. (Hartmut)

Show progress dialog before annotate / history / revision graph dialog. (Hartmut)

Implemented new "cvs log" parser that fixes bug [798803] 
"cvstree parser bug". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "CVS ignores TEMP variable". (Hartmut)

Improved performance for "Annotate". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.7.1 (16 Apr 2004):

Implemented RFE "Allow branching and tagging for modified files". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [916703] "Tag operation crash if server doesn't support rlog". (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [931407] "support cvs checkout -f option". (Hartmut)

Updated to InnoSetup 4.1.7. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [928093] "installer modifies no sounds scheme". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [927247] "Add Project Server String Generation Error". (Hartmut)

Update dialog now defaults to empty tag. And it's now possible to specify both tag and
date when updating. (Hartmut)

Fixed incorrect/missing dates in history / revision graph. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [913795] "hangs when Removing certain file". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [921523] "plink std out". (Hartmut)

Commit comment field now defaults to empty, and Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-Down select from comment history.
(see RFE [863754] "Commit comment field should default to empty"). (Torsten)

Changes for 1.7.0 (13 Mar 2004):

Implement RFE [909728] "Checkout by branch and date". (Hartmut)

Preserve custom CVSROOT in checkout dialog. (Hartmut)

Update to TortoisePlink 0.54. (Hartmut)

Applied patch [910827] "Annotate Feature". (Torsten)

"Allow Network Drives" policy now overrides CVSNT network share errors 
(fixes bug [909736]). (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [857170] "Use edit -z if supported". (Torsten)

Recognize "unrecognized auth response" as indication that login is necessary.

Implemented RFE [774001] "Add visual indication of mergepoints". (Torsten)

Fixed crash in History and Revision Graph. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [900172] "Checkout dialog module list has default size (100)". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [890424] "Dialogs may open on the wrong desktop". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [895492] "Overlayed icon of readded file is wrong". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [874233] "Problems with daylight savings" (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [865636] "ru_RU: several fresh bugs" (Hartmut)

Now also builds with Visual Studio 2003. (Hartmut)

Update to InnoSetup 4.1.5. (Hartmut)

When conflicts occur, we now show a list of all conflict files. (Hartmut)

Various attempts to improve performance when dealing with large amounts of
files. (Hartmut)

Added feature "Simulated update" (cvs -n update). (Hartmut)

Ignore files with system attribute set. (Hartmut)

TortoiseCVS now sometimes retrieves the CVS server version to offer enhanced
functionality. (Hartmut)

SSH parameters now completely user-definable. (Hartmut)

"Resolve conflicts" now recursively scans subdirectories. (Hartmut)

Move "Rebuild icons" from context menu to preferences dialog. (Hartmut)

New "Add" dialog with treeview and lots of new features. (Hartmut)

Update to CVSNT 2.0.26. (Hartmut)

Fixed crash in Postinst.exe when .cvspass contained an empty line. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [878307] "Prune empty folders fails on update special". (Torsten)

Fixed SSPI login issue. (Torsten)

Add Contents: Do not add folders which are in the ignore list. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [849605] "Duplicate tags in lists" again. (Hartmut)

Moved "Rebuild icons" from context menu to the preferences dialog. (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [792263] "Add "File type" column in Commit dialog". (Hartmut)

Implemented RFE [852473] "Enhanced branch tag dialog". (Hartmut)

Improved handling of CVSROOT input. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug in RecursiveScan() where folders were added to the list of writable
files. (Torsten)

Redesign of many dialogs: Reduced flicker, added window splitters etc. (Hartmut)

Upgrade to current snapshot of wxWindows sources. (Hartmut)

DEBUG releases: Added preference to write log files without caching. (Hartmut)

Fixed crash in commit dialog when entering long comments. (Hartmut)

Limited number and length of comment history entries. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "Delay when right-clicking". (Hartmut)

Applied patch [851770] "French installer messages". (Hartmut)

Show TAB characters in comments properly. (Torsten)

Fixed bug "Backslashes in server path". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "Include path not working correctly". (Hartmut)

Make context menu appear faster. (Hartmut)

Use treelistview in history dialog more efficiently. (Hartmut)

Applied patch [848405] "Proposal for better English". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [845076] "Explorer crashes after release or moving folder". (Torsten/Hartmut)

Fixed bug [846194] "Problem with Subfolders?". (Torsten/Hartmut)

Fixed bug [846850] "Can't delete sandbox". (Torsten/Hartmut)

Fixed cached branches/tags for combobox in "Update special". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [848216] "Custom weblog urls not always considered". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [848516] "Control-backspace doesn't work". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [844289] "Fetch List bug". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [849605] "Duplicate tags in lists". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [850058] "Leak in CVSStatus due to typo". (Hartmut)

Readied for compilation with VC7 and MinGW/GCC. (Hartmut)

Updated CVSNT to version 2.0.11. (Torsten)

Added :ssh: to supported protocols, and enable setting port for this
protocol. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [841503] "history list control selection not highlighted
fully". (Torsten)

Applied patch [819814] "Adds protocol parameters for the sserver
protocol". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [841508] "Crash after missing repository dialog". (Torsten)

CVS Remove: Do not move directories. (Torsten)

Fixe bug in "Fetch modules list". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [686480] "Update window state not always saved" again. (Hartmut)

Fixed broken "Excluded folders". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [841984] "Checkout module with aliases". (Hartmut)

Fixed abort bug in cvsgui protocol. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [840029] "Fetch list" and abort. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [837580] "Many updates in single window". (Hartmut)

Added preference "autoload folder icons". (Hartmut) 

Fixed bug "Backslashes in commit comments are doubled". (Hartmut)

Better handling of diff / merge when no external diff / merge application is 
defined. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "Filename in unedit message box messed up". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [836944] "CVS access via SSH stops with 1.5.6." (Hartmut)

"core" is no longer part of the standard ignore list, as this is probably not
very useful on Windows. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [836947] "Error while parsing config file". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [834789] "History dialog always shows first revision". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "Can't login to". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [835095] "Web Log crash". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.5.6 (01 Nov 2003):

Fixed bug [832565] "right click doesn't select revision in History
dialog". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [832533] "cvsignore hint shouldn't be displayed if
unecessary". (Torsten)

Fixed bug "Can't edit readonly files on network drives". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "Explorer stops responding when browsing folders". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [832528] "Can't type letters with [alt] in Commit dialog". (Hartmut)

UI now compatible with large fonts. (Hartmut)

Update to wxWindows 2.4.2. (Hartmut)

Show separate icon for each menu command (defined in TortoiseMenus.config). (Torsten)

Fixed bug [831005] "crash when trying to Add Contents with new directory in
it." (Torsten)

Fixed bug [830445] "pserver with passwords". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [830164] "UpdateSpecial buttons offscreen". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.5.5 (24 Oct 2003):

Fixed bug [788555] "History dialog shows Tag in wrong order". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [826169] "Abort doesn't really stop". (Hartmut)

Setup will now always overwrite all files in the TortoiseCVS directory without
asking, as users lo longer need to modify files there. (Hartmut)

Replaced "FileTypes.config" with "TortoiseCVS.Filetypes" in HOME directory.

Added new preference "SSH parameters" replacing the various batch files
in the Tortoise directory. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [819768] "Small progress dialog jams the TortoiseAct". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [825155] "about box version & running off right side". (Hartmut)

Added WebLog hack for detecting the case where ViewCVS fakes a "200 OK" HTTP
status code, fixing bug [710620] "Web Log passes wrong cvsroot". (Torsten)

Do not set the background colour of the progress dialog *text*
either. (Torsten)

Added caching for CVS column info in Explorer. (Hartmut)

Recursive folder status now stored in file in CVS folder. Select "Refresh 
folder status" from context menu to update. (Hartmut)

Fixed Win9x crashes in cvsgui protocol. (Hartmut)

Really fixed bug [814869] "CVS READ no longer observed". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.5.4 (14 Oct 2003):

Fixed bug [814869] "CVS READ no longer observed". (Hartmut)

When Adding files, it is now possible to disable keyword expansion
(-kk). (Torsten)

Added pt_BR translation. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [821059] "Checkout in wrong folder (v1.5.3)". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [756103] "highlight local revision in the history
dialog". Sticky tag/branch is also highlighted. (Torsten)

Applied patches from puddle: [817481] "Fix time format" and [8169040] "Copy
filenames to clipboard from commit dialog". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.5.3 (04 Oct 2003):

Always show context-independent entries in CVS context menu. (Hartmut)

Get module names with spaces correctly (CVSNT server only). (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [596656] "Tortoise dialogs shown on wrong monitor" (Hartmut)

Merge tool and diff tool are now two separate preferences. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [814527] "Can't call edit on files without archive attribute".

Fixed bug [709425] "Error in Tag not shown in final status" (Hartmut)

Don't follow shortcuts inside CVS sandboxes. (Hartmut)

Reenabled "My Documents" context menu entries for Win2k. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [789150] "Long delay when right-clicking large zip file" (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [808508] "CVS menu entries not available after adding a file" 

Ctrl-A now selects all comment text in Commit and History dialogs. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [804835] "Trouble launching the CVS process". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug in History dialog that affected selecting two revisions (thanks to
J. Andrew MacDonald for reporting this). (Torsten)

Do not set the background colour of the progress dialog. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [771641] "Option to checkout to folder with name of
tag/branch". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [767392] "Allow Commit Dialog Maximization/Auto
resize". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.5.2 (13 Sep 2003):

Moved "Maximum number of tags for graph" option to Advanced page. (Torsten)

Removed "Check Unix sandbox" option. (Torsten)

Improved handling of the "Automatic unedit" option. (Torsten)

Added Danish translation from Claus Gårde Henriksen. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [778897] "Add comment when making a new module.". (Torsten)
Implemented RFE [751760] "Login should look at repository". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [787071] "Replace 'CVS Add to .cvsignore' to 'CVS Ignore this
file'". (Torsten)

Applied patch [801628] "Automatic use of Unix style CR/LF" from Simon
Elén. (Torsten)

History dialog almost completely rewritten - now uses a tree list control for
better handling of tags and branches. (Torsten)

Added Traditional Chinese translation from Rex Tsai. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.5.1 (16 Aug 2003):

Partly implemented RFE [596052] "Multiple CVSROOTs on one server". (Torsten)

Fixed crash in CVSStatus::RecursiveScan(). (Torsten)

Update to CVSNT 2.0.8. (Hartmut)

Always use CVS executable that comes with TortoiseCVS. Removed
corresponding preference. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug in caching that crashed explorer. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [785279] "Trouble with CVSGUI protocol". (Hartmut)

Option for creating missing folders when merging. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [770885] "Cannot commit merged files added on branch". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [782061] "Special chars not shown in revison graph
comments". (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [782855] "Explain how to commit a removed file in a
TortoiseTip". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.5.0 (03 Aug 2003):

Fixed bug [776318] "Wrong Timezone only in Revision Graph". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "Fetch tags button fetches incorrect tags when multiple files are 
selected". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [773116] "diff fails to fetch original". (Torsten)

Applied patch from Stephane Lajoie to display a special icon for added
files. (Torsten)
[Need help from graphics-savvy people for fixing the remaining icon sets]

More intelligent handling of password-protected weblog servers. (Torsten)

Fetching modules only pops up a single progress dialog. (Hartmut)

Fixed URL for TortoiseCVS checkout. (Hartmut)

Fixed web log parsing for (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [769148] "diff uses wrong CVSROOT". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [753308] "Explorer crashes on XP when presented with special (?) 
files". (Hartmut)

Tags, branches and module names are now cached in the registry. (Hartmut)

Commit dialog restores its size now. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [610493] "My Network" "shortcuts" not followed. (Hartmut)

Moved po files to separate module. (Torsten)

Increased comment length limit to 20K. (Hartmut)

Added progress dialog text colors to preferences. (Hartmut)

Added Portuguese translation from Flavio Etrusco. (Torsten)

Fixed Make Patch failing when using SSPI or other encryption-capable
protocols. (Torsten)

Fixed icon rebuild bug on Win9x. (Hartmut)

Increased comment length limit to 20K. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [760385] "contextual menu missing some entries". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [761002] "CVSROOT environment variable ignored". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [759680] "Fetch (module) list shows a lot of wrong items". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [757410] "Long delay opening My Computer on XP with mapped drives".

Fixed bug [759662] "'operation successful' though cvs reported an error".

Reenabled shell extension for UNC paths. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [755020] "AV/Crash when trying to add many files". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "TortoisePlink zombies under Win98". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug "TortoisePlink hangs under Win98". (Hartmut)

Remove command now works recursively on directories. (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.4.0 RC 5 (08 June 2003):

All strings in the About dialog can now be copied from. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [748822] "Unedit of changed files does not work". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug in CVSRevisionDataSortCriteria::CompareRevisions() and improved
sorting of tags and branches in History dialog. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.4.0 RC 4 (02 June 2003):

Fixed bug "Crash when conflict". (Hartmut)

Added "Merge" in history dialog. (Hartmut)

Fixed Explorer crashes in Win2K. (Hartmut)

Fixed "standard icons" translation issue. (Hartmut)

Only show available languages in preference dialog. (Hartmut)

Disable TortoiseCVS for virtual / network folders that cannot be addressed
through a drive letter. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug where menu was incorrect in root folders. (Hartmut)

Improved icon cache rebuilding. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [741554] "Tag combobox truncates tag names". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [741527] "bug in dialog" (Hartmut) and improved the handling of the
external Diff application (Torsten).

Changes for 1.4.0 RC 3 (19 May 2003):

Title of About dialog was not translated - thanks to Alexandre Ratti for
reporting this. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [738822] "History dialog error". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.4.0 RC 2 (16 May 2003):

Added one more batch file for use with SSH:
- TortoisePlinkWithPort.bat forces use of a particular port. (Martin)

Applied patch [721516] "1.3.4 "Make patch" fix". (Torsten)

Attempt to fix TortoisePlink dialogs on Win98. (Torsten)

Fixed bugs [737943] "Right-clicking to change type in Add Contents crashes"
and [737295] "Crash when right-clicking file in Commit dialog". (Hartmut) 

Updated CVSNT to version 2.0.4. (Torsten)

Translate the colon added in the Preferences dialog (for the benefit of the
French translation). (Torsten)

Made TortoisePlinkWithPassword.bat and TortoisePlinkSSH2.bat work on Win98
(patch provided by Zonnet). (Torsten)

Removed Daily Use Guide. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.4.0 RC 1 (12 May 2003):

Applied patch [736133] Unification for "Tags or Branches". (Hartmut)

Fixed "Show Changed Folders" bug. (Hartmut)

Show "Folder" in file format explorer column for folders. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [735768]: Resource leak in ShellExt.cpp. (Hartmut)

Hide password in progress dialog. (Hartmut)

Added missing files for sserver protocol. (Hartmut)

Added User Guide to installation. (Torsten)

Applied patch [736133] Unification for "Tags or Branches". (Hartmut)

Fixed "Show Changed Folders" bug. (Hartmut)

Show "Folder" in file format explorer column for folders. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [735768]: Resource leak in ShellExt.cpp. (Hartmut)

Use cvsgui protocol for communication with CVS client. (Hartmut)

Switched order of files in diff application when resolving conflicts to be 
consistent with "diff": Editable file always as second. (Hartmut)

Update to CVS 2.0.3. (Hartmut)

Don't show password in progress dialog. (Hartmut)

Move iconsets to icons subdir, Standard icon set now called "TortoiseCVS" to
work around localization problems. (Hartmut)

Allow port number for sserver protocol. (Hartmut)

Make temporary conflict files unique. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [731481] "Update Special doesn't default sticky tag for directories". 

Hopefully fixed bug [73153] "cvs update freezes after completed under XP".

Restructured UI strings for better translation. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [729844] "Nomenclature". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.3.11 (03 May 2003):

CVS Resolve Conflicts now prompts for Diff application if it is not set (like
CVS Diff has always done). (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to version 2.0.2. (Torsten)

Fixed various issues with CVS Unedit confirmation dialog. (Torsten)

Support :sserver: protocol. (Torsten)

Allow omitting user name for :ext:, :pserver:, and :server:
protocols. (Torsten)

Only allow digits in the Port field in the Checkout dialog. (Torsten)

Include version resource in TortoiseAct, TortoiseShell, and
TortoisePlink. (Torsten)

Implemented RFE [721982] "Commit with no comments". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [722723] "Set background color of progress message box". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [722283] "About command fails with bad SSH app set". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [722782] "Password not Accepted in GUI". (Hartmut)

Fixed bugs (Hartmut):
- "No username in CVSROOT when using sspi"
- "No second CVSROOT shown when diffing 2 revisions"

Changes for 1.3.10 (16 Apr 2003):

Implemented RFE [719537] "Key focus "close" button after update" (Hartmut).

Added "Allow Removable Drives" to preferences dialog (Hartmut).

Fixed bug [722064]: "Icon overlay not working with Removable Drives" (Hartmut).

Fixed bug: CVSROOT history empty in checkout dialog (Hartmut).

Fixed bug: Access violation in preferences dialog (Hartmut).

Put comment column in history dialog at the end (Hartmut).

Include locale files in installation type "full" (Hartmut).

New type "auto" in filetypes.config to use TortoiseCVS's internal file format
detection algorithm. Also new: Interface to specify plugin-dll that determines
the file format. (Hartmut)

Made names of temporary files used by CVS Diff unique so that multiple
simultaneous instances of TortoiseAct do not corrupt each others temporary
files. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [718967]: "Explorer crashes during close". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug: Commit message in commit dialog not always entirely 
selected. (Hartmut)

Prevent Revision Graph and History from crashing when a file has never been
committed, or has been merged but not committed. (Torsten)

Fixed bug: When setting Language to Windows default in Preferences, 
TortoiseCVS always used English. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.3.9 (04 Apr 2003):

Handle trailing backslash in log message. (Torsten)

Avoid showing progress dialog before Commit dialog. (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to version 2.0.0. (Torsten)

Fixed scrolling in Progress Dialog on WinNT. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [686480] "Update window state in Progress Dialog not 
always saved". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [714303] "Shell 1.3.8 crashes on CVS ADD". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.3.8 (01 Apr 2003):

Fixed bugs
- [700842] "promtly apply changes made to cvsignore"
- [711984] "1.3.5 explorer hangs (30min) right click non-cvs"
- [712076] "1.3.7 kills right click menu after select all"
- [712826] "CVS Status" column for folders is incorrect

Improved the Commit History feature. (Hartmut)

Performance improvements in shell extension. (Hartmut)

Updated Credits dialog. (Torsten)

Fixed keyboard shortcut for "Unix line endings" to avoid conflict with "Check
Unix sandbox". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.3.7 (28 Mar 2003):

Fixed bugs in handling of "Allow Removable Drives" option introduced in
1.3.5. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [687291] "order of files sent to Diff application" again. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [710959] "Port number is not cleared in Checkout dialog". (Hartmut)

Fixed bugs [709877] and [709636] (login problems). (Hartmut)

Ensure Unix line endings when checking out TortoiseCVS code. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.3.6 (24 Mar 2003):

Fixed cosmetic bugs in CVS property page. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [708594] "Diff fails to obtain file from CVS". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [708108] "CVS files not overwitten in 1.3.5". (Torsten)

Fixed build errors. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.3.5 (21 Mar 2003):

Fixed bug 677336 again. (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to release 76. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [700842] "Promtly apply changes made to 'cvsignore'". (Hartmut)

Rewrite of CVSStatus caching. It's supposed to be thread-safe(r) now,
that should fix the "Explorer crashing"-bugs. (Hartmut)

Added preference for selecting language. (Torsten)

Messages shown by TortoiseShell are now also translated. (Torsten)

Preference for enabling/disabling -d option to "cvs update". (Torsten)

Option for enabling/disabling -d option in Update Special. (Torsten)

By adding a registry DWORD value named "Allow Removable Drives" under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TortoiseCVS, it is now possible to activate icon
overlays and context menus on floppy/ZIP drives and the like. This is an
experimental feature. (Torsten)

Logging in to :pserver: works again. (Torsten)

Added preferences "Excluded directories" and "Included directories". (Hartmut)

Fixed possible race condition bug in progress dialog. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [699077] "merge crashes in 1.3.4". (Torsten)

Added Frank Fesevur's improved Timo Kauppinen icon set (enhanced with 48x48 
icons). (Hartmut)

Shell extension: 
- Fixed memory leak (COM objects don't get released by Explorer)
- Faster startup (initialize context menus only when needed, removed common
  controls initialization)
- Added new explorer column "CVS Text Style" (Hartmut)

Added preference to disable web log parsing. (Hartmut)

When creating a module, "Fetch modules" won't overwrite the module name. (Hartmut)

Improved performance for revision graph drawing. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [696554] "Installing new version overwrites all files". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [693899] "Delete from commit dialogs hangs in confirm dialog". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.3.4 (01 Mar 2003):

Restored old behaviour of double clicking on modified files in the Commit
dialog: Again launches Diff instead of selecting/unselecting. (Torsten)

New error sound. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [661836] "Deep nested import". (Torsten)

It is now again possible to edit the "Automatic unedit" and "Automatic commit"
options in Preferences. (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to release 73. (Torsten)

History and Revision Graph no longer use "cvs rlog", but "cvs log". (Torsten)

Revision Graph improvements. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [650633] "Removing conflicted file problem". (Torsten)

Added preference "Use Unix line endings". (Torsten)

Localization support is now added. If your language is supported, TortoiseCVS
will automatically translate messages to the language that you have set up in
Control Panel. At present, no translations are included, but German and French
are in progress. (Torsten)

Don't use "cvs update -p" to checkout files: If a file doesn't end with a 
newline character, cvs will add one if redirected to stdout. Use "cvs 
checkout" to a temporary directory instead. (Hartmut)

Different command line parameter syntax for TortoiseAct to be able
to handle arbitrary parameters. (Hartmut)

Comment history in reverse order (last comment first in list).
Comment history now preserves newline characters. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [667749] "CVSDiff in WinNT is still buggy". (Torsten)

Context Menus for tags and branches in revision graph. (Hartmut)

Applied patch [688698] "CVS History - Split Show Branches/Tags". (Torsten)

Generic fix for multiple context menu entries. (Torsten)

Improved wording of "revert changes?" message upon CVS Unedit, as suggested by
Christopher Fahey. (Torsten)

Added preview dialog for overlay icon sets (feature request [688923] "Icon
preview"). (Hartmut)

Implemented feature request [686232] "Save check-in comments". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [687291] "order of files sent to Diff application". (Torsten)

Do not pass backslashes to external programs. (Torsten)

Added new icon set from Greg Searle. (Torsten)

"Quirky" tabs in Preferences renamed to "Advanced". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.3.3 (14 Feb 2003):

Updated CVSNT to release 72. (Torsten)

Added two batch files for use with SSH:
- TortoisePlinkSSH2.bat forces use of SSH protocol version 2, which may be
necessary to make public-key authentication work.
- TortoisePlinkWithPassword.bat passes the password directly on the command
line (NOT recommended and extremely unsafe!)

Fixed bug [684697] "No "sub-menu"". (Torsten)

Do not overwrite existing SSH preferences when re-installing. (Torsten)

Added FAQ entry to describe how to use the new conflict resolution
engine. (Torsten/Hartmut)

Changes for 1.3.2 (12 Feb 2003):

In the Revision Graph dialog, you can now tag or branch a revision, thanks to
a patch from Frank Listing. (Torsten)

Fixed bug "Keyword substitution not correctly parsed in (r)log". (Hartmut)

In various dialogs, file paths are now shortened using "..." when too little
space is available. (Hartmut)

Updated CVSNT to release 71. (Torsten)

Upgrade to wxWindows 2.4.0 (Hartmut)

When committing unchanged files, the timestamp is reset. (Hartmut)

In AddFilesDialog, added Explorer context menu. (Hartmut)

In Commit Dialog, replaced Listboxes with Listviews. (Hartmut)

Applied patch [666247] "Fixes to help compiling under MinGW32". (Torsten)

Removed the "Commit .cvsignore" preference. You must now manually do CVS Add
and CVS Commit of the .cvsignore files (read-only .cvsignore are still
subjected to a CVS Edit). (Torsten)

"Add extension to .cvsignore" is now on the CVS submenu. (Torsten)

Removed the "Assume read-only files" preference:
- The CVS Edit command is now always shown for read-only files (for
directories, it is shown on the CVS submenu). 
- The CVS Unedit command is always shown, but is now on the CVS submenu.
- There is now a checkbox in the Make New Module dialog for running "cvs watch
on" on the newly created module. (Torsten) 

Support for passing -B when moving/deleting a tag. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [679988] "1.2.2 Continual beeps after Add Contents
failure". (Torsten)

In the History and Revision Graph dialogs, it is now possible to save a
specific revision to a file. (Torsten)

The Revision Graph dialog now includes the commands Diff and Get like the
History dialog. (Torsten).

The Revision Graph dialog now shows the log message etc. for the revision that
the mouse is over. (Torsten).

Improved comment handling in history dialog. (Hartmut)

"commitid" won't appear in comments any more. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [671693] "Automatic unedit only for writable files". (Torsten)

Make CVS Diff work like "cvs diff", i.e. show differences relative to the
originally checked out revision, not the current HEAD revision. Thanks to Lars
Christensen for pointing this out (fixes bug 677336). (Torsten)

History Dialog now initially scrolls to the end of the list. (Hartmut)

Removed explicit handling of UTF-8 files (internally, they're handled like
ASCII files anyway). (Hartmut)

Replaced Conflict Editor with our own parser + call to external diff 
application. (Hartmut)

Improved support for Unicode files, automatic conversion for non Unicode-
enabled external diff applications. (Hartmut)

Implemented feature request [673695] "Edit before remove". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.3.1 (25 Jan 2003):

The size of the menu icons can no longer be selected (they can still be turned
off). (Torsten)

Implemented feature request [671693] "Automatic unedit only for writable
files". (Torsten)

Improved, thread-safe cvsignore algorithm. (Hartmut)

History dialog: Comment text control grows with dialog. (Hartmut)

Per-user cvsignore file can be edited in Preferences. (Hartmut)

Show ignored files in AddFiles dialog. (Hartmut)

Added preference "Commit .cvsignore after adding file (pattern)". (Hartmut)

The version information in the About dialog can now be copied to the
clipboard. (Torsten)

Updated CVSNT to release 66. (Torsten)

Implemented feature request [653157] "Tip for CVS Edit". (Torsten)

When fetching the module list, we now try a "cvs ls" (only supported by CVSNT).

"Fetch tags" now either includes subdirs or not (before CVS, subdirs 
are always included regardless of what the user specifies due to a bug in CVS). 

You can now fetch tags in the checkout dialog. (Hartmut)

You can now select alternate icon sets during installation. (Hartmut)

Menu option to rebuild the icon cache. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [666018] "Aborting Diff...". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [659952] "MRU shouldn't overwrite 'module'". (Hartmut)

Implemented feature request [621360] "Only show context menu on some
folders". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [665546] "comment is resent in History dialog". (Torsten)

Install package: Now based on Inno Setup 3.0.6, reboot on uninstall if files
are locked. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [660827] "Add: Deselecting directory is buggy". (Hartmut)

Reorganized code so that CVSGlue and Utils can be built as a library. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [652635] "Broken menu when right-clicking start". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [633938] "Cannot remove file if name starts with '-'". (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [637650] "1.1.x White spaces in .cvsignore not handled by CVS". (Hartmut)

Changes for 1.3.0 (21 Dec 2002):

Fixed bug [645210] "V1.2.1 Absolute Paths Illegal for server". (Hartmut/Torsten)

Fixed bug [645367] "GetUserName()". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [645373] "rar files are stored corruptedly". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [651658] "hist. dialog: diff doesn't pass filename". (Torsten)

When adding files, the new Add dialog now shows the type (text/unicode/binary)
that TortoiseCVS will use as default, and also offers the possibility of
changing the type associated with a particular extension. (Hartmut)

Fixed bug [637390] "substitued (virtual) drives not working". (Torsten)

Applied patch [642493] "Disable Shell Extension on remote drives" contributed
by Geoff Beier. (Torsten)

Fixed stupid bug in previous version of CVSEntries.cpp. (Torsten)

Applied patch [632214] "Adds columns to HistoryDialog". (Torsten)

CVSEntries.cpp no longer changes the directory. This hopefully fixes bug
[624828] "Locked folder prevents deletion" and possibly also bug
[606076] "1.0.X - Empty folders containing only CVS folder". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [609214] "1.x.x TortoiseShell fails in a root directory". (Torsten)

Applied patch from Geoff Beier for bug [637325] "Don't bring progress dialog
to front". (Torsten)

Fixed bug where read-only files were always being shown with the "In CVS,
read-only" icon even if the file was in fact not in CVS. Thanks to Ian
Epperson for pointing this out. (Torsten)

In the Checkout dialog, the OK button is now disabled while the module list is
being fetched. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [638130] "1.1.7 Can't "CVS Add" *.exe". (Torsten)

Make New Module dialog: Module is no longer changed when you click an entry in
the CVSROOT history. (Torsten)

Make New Module dialog: Size grip no longer overlays Cancel button. (Torsten)

Made TortoisePlink display proper version information. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [636009] ""CVS Revision" for newly added files". (Hartmut)

Fixed TortoisePlink bug where the "The server's host key is not cached in the
registry" message was written to stderr. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.1.9 (12 Nov 2002):

Fixed bug [636886] "1.1.8 can't use plink from PuTTY". (Torsten)

If CVSROOT was set in the environment, the history list in the Checkout dialog
did not work correctly. (Torsten).

Fix 100 % CPU usage on Windows XP. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.1.8 (06 Nov 2002):

Show Edited Files now properly handles file names and user names with spaces. (Torsten)

On Windows 95/98/ME, omit -x flag with SSPI protocol since it makes CVSNT
crash (see (Torsten)

In the Checkout dialog, the 'Fetch list' button is now enabled even if no
username is entered. (Torsten)

Fixed bugs related to new 'Port' field in Checkout dialog. (Torsten)

Fixed problem with spaces in CVS_RSH no longer handled by CVSNT. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.1.7 (30 October 2002):

Updated CVSNT to build 57j. (Torsten)

Implemented feature request [588465] "'Conflict Editor' command in
menu". (Torsten)

Implemented feature request [571647] "Colour code 'List edited files'
output". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [627415] "Make patch fails with removed files". (Torsten)

The installer no longer overwrites custom icon files. (Torsten)

Applied registry bugfix from Alan Dabiri. (Torsten)

Applied patch from Alan Dabiri for Progress dialog: It can now be minimized
and maximized, and it remembers its size. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.1.6 (23 October 2002):

Applied patch from Alan Dabiri for History dialog: There is now a checkbox to
enable/disable display of symbolic tags. (Torsten)

Fixed bug with missing menu icons. (Torsten)

Fixed bug where some menu items were shown twice. (Torsten)

Applied more patches for Borland C++ Builder from Stefan Hoffmeister. (Torsten)

Changes actually in 1.1.5:

In the History dialog, it is now possible to change the text of the log
messages. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.1.5 (21 October 2002):

"CVS Edit" no longer uses the "-a commit" argument to "cvs edit". (Torsten)

Applied patch from Radoslav Paskalev to support rcsinfo templates when
committing. (Torsten)

Make New Module: Applied patch from Jason Mills so that the module name can
now be edited. (Torsten)

"CVS Add" is now shown even for files that are listed in .cvsignore. (Torsten)

"CVS Add to .cvsignore" is not shown for files that are already listed in .cvsignore. (Torsten)

Fixed bug that caused -r to always be added when doing an export (thanks to
John Pedersen for reporting this). (Torsten)

When an error occurs during execution of a CVS command, TortoiseCVS now plays
an error sound. The installer sets a default sound for this event; open
Control Panel/Sounds and Multimedia to select another sound. (Torsten)

Applied several patches from Hartmut Honisch:
- You can now specify the port in the Checkout dialog
- Resizable dialogs now have a "resize grip"
- In the file "Filetypes.config", you can now specify file extensions that
  should be considered text or binary.

Applied patch from Alan Dabiri to save and restore size of Checkout, History, and
Revision Graph dialogs. (Torsten)

Applied patch from Alan Dabiri to improve look of History dialog. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [617456] "Undesired unicode conversion". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [623609] "Adding to CVS ignore is buggy". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [617519] "CVS Edit on directory does not work". (Torsten)

Downgraded CVSNT to build 57f. (Torsten)

Attempted fix for bug [606079] "1.0.x Can't commit directories with
thumbs.db". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [602303] "Automatic unedit bug". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [617758] "1.1.2 auto unediting removed files errors". (Torsten)

Implemented feature request [542999] "Property page could display CVSROOT". (Torsten)

Applied several patches from Stefan Hoffmeister:
- History and Revision Graph can now be accessed from the property page.
- History dialog now has Minimize and Maximize buttons.
- Branch/tag list now lists the most recent tag first.
- Cleaned up casts in dialog code.
- Progress dialog caption now says "Aborted" when Abort is clicked.

Applied Stefan Hoffmeister's patches for Borland C++ Builder. (Torsten)

Updated TortoisePlink so it tracks version 0.53 of the PuTTY suite. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.1.4 (2 October 2002):

Fixed bug [614553] "Minor bug - SSH App Browse Button". (Torsten)

Improvements to History and Revision Graph dialogs. Removed revision list on
property page. (Torsten)

Removed "core" from default ignore list, so that TortoiseCVS again handles
directories named "core". (Torsten)

Reread default ignore list (from %HOME/.cvsignore) after 100 seconds. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [611664] "Large comments on commit cause errors" by limiting the
length of the comment entered when committing. (Torsten)

Make sure that Add All Recursively does not add CVS directories. (Torsten)

When adding a file with zero length, assume it is ASCII if the extension
indicates that it is text (.cpp, .txt etc.). (Torsten)

Fixed bug [611714] "Icon overlays not shown on UNC paths". (Torsten)

REALLY fixed bug [604494] "CVS Unedit problem". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [613636] "commit fails because of -c option". (Torsten)

Changes for 1.1.3 (20 September 2002):

Fixed About dialog. (Torsten)

SSPI protocol DLL was wrong version. Fixed. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [604630] "Make patch with new files fails". (Torsten)

Reduced max command line length to 4096 for NT platforms. (Torsten)

Applied Geoff Beier's patch for bug [530319] "0.xx Administrative rights for
installation". (Torsten)

Offer to reboot after installation. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [604494] "CVS Unedit problem". (Torsten)

Icon overlays are no longer shown for WebDrive volumes. (Torsten)

Avoid passing -c to 'cvs commit', since that does not work if the server is
not CVSNT. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [605425] "Dialog title has errant ampersand". (Torsten)

Move properly to latest CVS version of wxWindows, hopefully fixed all
the errors we were getting before in message handlers.  If you get access
violations in any dialogs, please let us know, as we probably know what it
is! (Francis)

Fixed bug in "Add Contents" which didn't properly add nested folders,
thanks to Aaron Kynaston for finding it (Francis)

Updated CVSNT to build 57h. (Torsten)

Changes for 1.1.2 (4 September 2002):

Fixed bug [598634] "hide the "Commit" menu if it's useless". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [530319] "0.xx Administrative rights for installation". (Torsten)

Fixed problem with bogus removable drive detection on Win95/98, had
the symptom that menus sometimes wouldn't work. (Francis)

Added flex/bison to CVS. (Francis/Torsten)

The option of adding a file as Unicode is now only offered when the server
runs CVSNT. Closes bug 583800. (Torsten)

Various fixes for History and Revision Graph dialogs. (Torsten)

Allow entering user name for SSPI. (Torsten)

Implemented feature request [533643] "Check for CVSROOT environment
variable". (Torsten)

Do not assume that C:\ always exists. (Torsten)

Show value of CVSROOT in progress dialog. (Francis)

Fixed bug [589924] "diff of binary file fails". (Torsten)

Added support for adding files and file extensions to .cvsignore. (Torsten)

Maybe fixed installation problem in Win98 by changing PostInst.  Now changes
the cvs executable registry setting if it is currently an empty string.  Also
leaves PostInst.exe about after install, so you can run it again for testing
and debugging. (Francis)

Changes for 1.1.1 (19 August 2002):

Added About dialog. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [596353] "update special" calendar". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [591134] "Add All Recursively does not add files". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [571645] "Merge should do Edit first". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [561877] "0.50 Commands Fail when CVS in top level dir". (Torsten)

Applied patch [571611] "Switch -x Data Encryption (sspi/gserver)" from Joakim
Beijar. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [558859] "Case Sensitive" by making CVSStatus use case-insensitive
compare. (Torsten)

Update dialog now fills in revision only when box checked again (for
a while it could add the ghosted revision text in, I think). (Francis)

Attempted fix for doing "cvs login" with SSPI at the right time. (Francis)

Various usability improvements to the checkout dialog, including right
click on history list to remove old CVSROOT entries.  Still more stuff
to do... (Francis)

Fixed bug [589493] Can now perform actions directly on "My Documents", or 
indeed any shell namespace folder which has a pathname.  I've reduced and 
rewritten a big chunk of the ShellExt code, and hopefully haven't broken 
anything else.  Please check things like columns and property page 
work (Francis)

Fixed bug [528170] Right click in commit dialog now selects, also added
in double clicking now does stuff [534738]. (Francis)

Add All Recursively replaced by Add Contents.  This now works on directories
which already have some CVS files in them.  It brings up a dialog with a list
of the files that it is going to add.  This least already ignores cvsignore specified files. 
As elsewhere in TortoiseCVS, that is .cvsignore and $HOME/.cvsignore files, not yet
the remote CVSROOT/cvsignore file. (Francis)

Tag, branch and merge dialogs now have a button to get a list of tag/branches,
making it easier for you to reselect one, or pick a similar name for a 
new one. (Francis)

Added manifest so it appears with themes in XP.  Please shout up if there
are any problems caused by this.  Made 48x48 versions of overlay icons
for Windows XP.  (Francis)

Changes for 1.1.0 (2 August 2002):

Added workaround for CVSNT bug where 'edit -c' does not work
correctly. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [568087] "0.53 "Make New Module" fails (pserver & CVSNT Server)". (Torsten)

Added TortoiseTip for case sensitivity issue, as partly described here (Francis)

Cope with tigris web server saying 'cvs login' rather than "cvs login" (Francis)

Fixed bug in IsLeapYear() (submitted by Will Dean). (Torsten)

Fixed bug [542998] "0.45 Progress dialog doesn't scroll to bottom". (Torsten)

Icon overlays now obey .cvsignore (currently only $HOME/.cvsignore and the one
in the current directory are searched, not the one in $CVSROOT/CVSROOT). (Torsten)

Remove no longer deletes files; it leaves a copy named '.#filename.removed.extension'. (Francis)

Implemented feature request [558205] "Taskbar-friendly progress window
titles". (Torsten)

Implemented feature request [559807] "Add Win2k support for HOME directory". (Torsten)

Fixed bug [564501] "Make Patch fails for Sourceforge repos.". (Torsten)

You can now use the new History dialog to view the revision history of a
file. (Torsten)

New Revision Graph dialog to view the revision graph of a file. (Torsten)

Icon overlays are no longer shown for removable drives (floppy, CD-ROM
etc.). This also avoids accessing A: drive when Explorer is started. (Torsten)

Added accelerator keys to some of the dialogs. (Torsten)

Applied compilation fixes for MSVC 7 from Sven Axelsson. (Torsten)

A new set of icons has been contributed by Mathias Hasselmann. (Torsten)

Revision numbers are now sorted correctly on the property page. (Torsten)

The Create Tag dialog is now simply called 'Tag'. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [557099] "0.xx Revision list on Property Sheet too big". (Torsten)

In the Update Special dialog, you can now specify a date as well as a
revision. (Torsten)

The dialog formerly known as "Create Tag" is now simply called "Tag" to
reflect the new possibilities. (Torsten)

Web Log and Help now always opens a new browser window instead of reusing an
existing window (closes feature request [537084] "Web Log in new IE
Window"). (Torsten)

When viewing the properties of a file, under the CVS tab you can now do diffs
between older versions and/or an old version with current version.  (Powers)
Brief user guide: 
- To diff a revision against the working file, just right click and select Diff.
- To diff one revision against another, mark the first revision by
  left-clicking, then mark the other revision using Ctrl-left click. Finally
  right click and select Diff.

On same tab as above, you can do a "Get" on a single file.  This is equivalent to
"cvs update -r  ".  (Powers)

Changes for 0.54 (26 June 2002):

Fixed bug [560320] "Commit Limited to 2/3 Files Per Use". (Torsten)

Fixed problems with running several instances of TortoiseAct.exe at the same
time. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [528787] "0.xx Web log fails on password secure sites". (Torsten)

Updated CVS to CVSNT Build 57f to fix memory problems.

Changes for 0.53 (1 June 2002):

In Preferences/External diff application and Preferences/Conflict Editor, it
is now also possible to select .bat and .cmd files. Closes feature request
[559173] "Run a batch (.bat) file on "Diff"". (Torsten)

Updated CVS to CVSNT Build 57d to fix problems with SSH zombie
processes. (Torsten)

Network compression level now defaults to None to avoid problems with some
servers hanging. (Torsten)

Changes for 0.52 (13 May 2002):

CVS Add was accidentally broken in 0.51 when adding directories. Fixed. (Torsten)

The Create Tag dialog now has a set of radio buttons for selecting Create,
Move, or Delete Tag. (Torsten)

Changes for 0.51 (6 May 2002):

A new set of icons has been contributed by Stefan Bertels. (Torsten)

Unicode support: When adding a Unicode file (autodetected or chosen by user)
TortoiseCVS now uses the CVSNT option '-ku'. (Torsten)

Improved text/binary detection, including Unicode support. TortoiseCVS now
knows that certain file types such as .c, .cpp, .txt etc are always text
(ASCII or Unicode). Files containing ISO-Latin characters are now reliably
detected as text. (Torsten)

The progress dialog is now colour coded in WinCVS fashion. (Torsten)

The Edit/Unedit commands now use 'cvs edit -c' instaed of 'cvs admin -l'. This
addresses bugs [528639] "0.47 Unedit doesn't get the right username", and
[533699], "0.48 Unedit issue".
Removed List Locked Files command (no longer needed).
Removed exclusive edit command (it never worked properly anyway). (Torsten)

'cvs watch on' is now only run when a new module is created. (Torsten)

Avoid launching an excessive number of conflict editor windows. (Torsten)

Avoid launching the conflict editor on binary files. (Torsten)

Fixed bug in Diff where the temporary file was deleted too early. This meant
that if the external diff application was not found the first time, the file
was gone when the user had selected the correct application. (Torsten)

Fixed bug [543220], "0.45 "Many files" overflows piped buffer.

Added tip as suggested in tracker item [528788], "0.xx Case-insensitive files
causes problem." (Torsten)

Fixed bug [528180], "Wrong CVSROOT". (Torsten)

When Create Tag fails (e.g. because the tag is rejected by 'taginfo'),
TortoiseCVS now remembers the tag name on the next attempt. (Torsten)

Added support for Windows 95/98/ME, fixing bug [538630], "0.46 CVS not
working on Win95/98". (Torsten)

Do not call CVS with a files argument of ".". Doing so can cause CVS to check
out an entire repository (and delete the other modules again) when you do an
update. (Torsten)

TortoisePlink now exits if you click Cancel in the password dialog, thereby
partly addressing bug [545398], "0.50 SSH wrong password cancel

When doing a CVS Commit, the progress dialog was shown before the commit
dialog. (Torsten)

Make Patch works again now. (Torsten)

Changes for 0.50 (15 April 2002):

Fixed minor bug in installer. (Francis)

Added new preference option 'Automatic unedit' for use with 'Watch
on'. (Torsten)

FAQ updated regarding SSH usage. (Martin, Francis)

FAQ updated regarding Edit/Unedit. (Torsten)

Changes for 0.49 (11 April 2002):

Seamless SSH support! TortoiseCVS now uses its own special SSH client,
TortoisePlink (a hacked version of Plink from the PuTTY suite), which means
that no configuration is needed for using SSH. (Torsten)

TODO: The FAQ entries regarding SSH need to be rewritten.

RSH is officially not supported out the box.  See the entry in the FAQ for
more information.  You can help us fix this if you care.  (Francis)

Make new module now works without making spurious subfolders, and for local
and remote repositories. (Georgi Beloev, patch applied by Francis).

Explorer resource leak in owner draw menus cleaned up, bug #531423. (Francis)

Weblog should now work for nonstandard ports (still does not work if a
passsword is required, though) (see tracker item 528334). (Torsten)

Fix for the scenario where there is a cvs.exe in the PATH, but the TortoiseCVS
install directory is not in the PATH. (Torsten)

The Edit/Unedit commands could crash if CVSStatus::GetOptions() returned
NULL. Fix: Call HasOptions() first. (Reported by Volker Abel) (Torsten)

Added support for :gserver: and :sspi: protocols to the checkout dialog. (Torsten)

Disable owner draw when shell extensions not installed, so menus appear
on native Windows NT. (Torsten and Francis)

Changes for 0.48 (22 March 2002):

Daylight savings fix (updated stat function) from WinCVS applied. (Francis)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must fix the incorrect CVS/Entries files for every 
directory checked out on your computer. Server repositories are not affected
and don't need to be changed or fixed.  The easiest way to fix them is
to perform a CVS-->Update.

Checkout TortoiseCVS option uses new SourceForge project (Francis)

Can now enter quotes in comments in checkout dialog again. (Francis)

Plink is now included instead of ssh. (Torsten)

CVSNT is now included instead of the standard CVS 1.11.1p1. (Torsten)

Canonicalize URL for weblog (fix contributed by Pierre). (Torsten)

Explorer detail column for 'CVS Sticky Tag' now shows nothing if no sticky tag
or date is in effect (previously it would show "Head" in this case)
(suggested by Christian Hargraves).  (Torsten)

Fixed bug where an extraneous '=' was appended to some environment 
variables - this caused RSH access to fail. (Torsten)

Automatically offers to "cvs init" a new repository if you try
and access one with an invalid directory.  Useful if you just
want to use CVS locally - you can just Make New Module, and do
everything with TortoiseCVS.  (Francis)

Various bug fixes to new CVSROOT parsing stuff in checkout dialog.
Choosing : in directory names should work again now.  (Francis)

Changes for 0.47 (09 March 2002):

Bugfix for CVSEditExclusive from Joe Navratil. (Torsten)

Checkout dialog now features a box you can paste CVSROOT
values directly into, and a history of previous CVSROOT/modules
which you have checked out.  Now there are 3 different ways
to enter the same information, I'm worried it might be too confusing.
Clarifying suggestions welcome! (Francis)

Password entry now works with CVSNT (tested with (Torsten)

Option to automatically launch a conflict editor (see when a conflict
occurs on update. (Torsten)

Option to automatically perform a commit after an add. (Torsten)

Improved weblog error reporting. (Torsten)

Minor change in installation script to ensure that 
TortoiseMenus.config is in sync with TortoiseShell.dll after a 
new install. (Torsten)

Tortoise icon on context menu should now always line up.  i.e. The text
to the right of the Tortoise (CVS Update etc.) should be exactly aligned
with other items on the context menu.  I've tested it on NT, 2000 and 98.
Please try on 95 and XP.  If it doesn't line up, try CVS->Prefs->Quirky
and change the icon size to small/medium/large to see which is correct.
Then let me know which size your OS.  (Francis)

Shortcut .lnk and Internet .url files can now be added to repositories.
In the case of shortcuts, you are given menu items for both the source and
the target where appropriate. Please check this works for you, as it needs
new registry keys which I've added to the installer, but haven't tested.  

General bug fix for the new cvs.exe, to do with performing commands
on top level directories.  See comments in TortoiseAct::PreprocessFileList
for more details.  (Francis)

"Clean Update" replaced by "Update Special..." which now offers
all update options, including cleaning.  (Francis)

Fetch module list button in checkout dialog, replacing the list
modules menu item.  (Francis)

Preference to change the CVS executable used.  (Francis).

Right click context menu in commit dialog would sometimes have
non-functioning menu items, fixed.  Patch applied by Francis. (Juan)

Changes for 0.46 (16 February 2002):

Oops - CVS Commit was not shown unless 'Watch on' was enabled 
in preferences.

Changes for 0.45 (15 February 2002):

Files with certain extensions such as .doc etc. are now always
treated as binary, thus overriding the default text/binary
detection mechanism. Related to bug 365. (Torsten)

The option "Close If No Error" has been renamed to "Close
Automatically" and now offers more choices. (Torsten)

Added "SSH" page to Preferences dialog. (Francis)

The progress dialog now uses a rich edit control. This solves
the problem I observed e.g. when checking out TortoiseCVS, where
the last part of the CVS output was not shown. Also allows
using different colours in the dialog in the future. (Torsten)

Added options page to Checkout dialog, with options for export
(ie no admin dirs) and for overriding the name of the checkout dir.

Several new features related to using 'cvs watch on':
- Added new verb 'CVSListEditors' which does a 'cvs editors'.
- The 'CVS Lock' and 'CVS Unlock' commands added in 0.44 are now
  replaced by 'CVS Edit' and 'CVS Unedit'. For binary files,
  these work the same way as the old ones (i.e. cvs
  update+cvs edit+cvs admin -l and cvs admin -u+cvs unedit,
  respectively); for text files, they just cvs edit and cvs
  unedit, respectively.
- Added new verb 'CVSEditExclusive' which always does cvs
  update+cvs edit+cvs admin -l.
- 'CVS Unedit' does not allow you to unlock a file locked by
  another user ('CVS Unlock' had this drawback).
- New command 'CVS List Locks' to show any locked files.
- All these commands are only shown if the new Preferences
  option "Watch on" (off by default) is selected, and they
  take the read-only status of the file into account.
  Also files which are in CVS, but read-only, are shown with
  a new icon.
- There is also a new option in Preferences to automatically
  open a 'CVS Edit'ed file using the application registered
  for the file type.
  This should close bug 703. Also related to bug 95.
- All this stuff needs to be properly documented.

Integrated patch from Geoff Beier
- better SSH integration
- option for pruning of empty directories
With fix from Juan Carlos Arevalo-Baeza (Francis)

TortoiseCVS now uses an external cvs.exe instead of the
cvs2ntlib.dll. (Torsten)

Fixed missing quotes in TortoiseUtils.cpp causing problems
on temporary directories with spaces. (Martin)

Explorer detail columns for 'CVS Status', 'CVS Revision' and
'CVS Sticky Tag'. To activate the CVS columns: Right-click 
on the column headers bar (View Details only) in a CVS 
folder, select 'More...' and then checkoff the CVS columns 
you wish to activate, click 'OK'. To make the CVS columns 
appear always go to 'Tools'-> 'Folder Options'-> Click 
'Like Current Folder'. Note this feature only works on
Windows2000 or greater systems. If you're compiling you'll 
need to have the Plaform SDK November 2001 or later installed.
(Andy Hird)

New 'CVS Clean Update' command. Does a 'cvs -C update'.
New 'CVS List Modules' command. Does a 'cvs co -c'.

Fixed bug 708. (Martin)

Fixed bug 717. (Torsten)

Changes for 0.44 (10 November 2001):

This time some changes to encourage contributions:

Easily checkout TortoiseCVS and/or wxWindows source code
from a new menu option.  If you don't grab the wxWindows
source, you can still use the precompiled libraries for
Visual C++. (Francis)

Make Patch file option for submitting fixes to open source
projects.  (Francis)

And other stuff:

Preferences dialog now ghosts disabled options correctly,
has browse button where appropriate, and has multiple pages
with some new options. Fixed radio buttons on update dialog.
Other minor bugs. (Francis)

CVS Lock and CVS Unlock options which use "cvs edit" and
"cvs admin -l" to perform exclusive locks.  These commands
are not enabled by default, edit TortoiseMenus.config to
enable them.  Looking for a good way to enable them only
when they are required - read only files and/or "cvs watch
on". (Torsten Martinsen)

Fixed bug 636, Make New Module now clears up its temporary
directory before use.  Also copes better with making an
existing module - all the files from the existing module are
checked out on top of the ones you are trying to add.  You
even get an Explorer dialog if the file names clash ;)

Unix sandbox check.  This looks to see if your working
folder appears to have been checked out under Unix, and
warns you if it has.  Using a folder checked out on Unix
with Windows CVS can cause trouble. You can turn off this
check in preferences.  (Francis)

Fixed bug 550, C:\ home directory paths not working on
Win98.  (Francis)

Changes for 0.43 (11 June 2001):

TortoiseCVS Daily Use guide written. Please read this and
let us know what you think. (BenC)

New installer using NSIS.  Please check this works for you!
New features are: Self extracting EXE with nicer interface,
start menu items, uninstallation in add/remove programs.

Icons on context menu.  Too large under NT? (Nathan and

Changes for 0.42 (26 May 2001):

Checkout no longer prunes empty directories. This is a
compromise that should be right for most people. (BenC)

Menu configuration is now read from config file (BenC)

Added a "CVS" property sheet to the file and directory.  It
displays the revision number, modification status, time
stamp, sticky tag, whether the file is binary, and a
revision history.  Sorting isn't quite right yet.  (Jon

Commit dialog now only accepts comments with have some
non-whitespace characters in them.  Right click menu is now
a proper Explorer menu (where possible). (Francis)

Renamed the faux-import "Make New Module". (Francis)

Added context menu for directory background (right-click in
open directory window). This behaves the same as
right-clicking on the directory name in the parent
directory's window. (Jon Rowlands)

Allowed context menu in drive root directories. Includes a
horrible kludge to exclude drives A: and B: (need a better
way -- need to determine whether drive is removable, without
accessing drive).  (Jon Rowlands)

Fixed a bug in determining "modified" status. The strcmp()
can fail inappropriately because the VC++ asctime() function
doesn't produce the same format as UNIX (day of month has a
leading zero in VC++, not in UNIX). Worked around this by
treating zero and space as equivalent in that character
position. (Jon Rowlands)

Removed old version commmit as new one seems fine. (Francis)

Support for new Soureforge web log scheme. (Francis)

Borland compilation fixes, and hence code nearer to the C++
standard!  (Ian Dees)

Explorer window is now automatically refreshed for all
appropriate commands.  Let me know if there are cases where
it does refresh when it is annoying and doesn't need to, or
if there are cases where id doesn't refresh and it should.

Other things: Warning about user folders called "CVS", which
sometimes caused an infinite loop.  Various other tips and
improvements for when people have folders called "CVS". Bug
with diff if you login during the diff.  Tortoise Tip when
you (might) have the repository directory wrong.  Registry
handle leak fixed.  Finally got icon for TortoiseAct.exe
working.  (Francis)

Don't panic!

Changes for 0.41 (23 February 2001):

No changes - but actually managed to ship the correct
TortoiseAct.exe this time!  Version 0.40 had an old version
of the executable, accidentally.

Changes for 0.40 (22 February 2001):

Import command now works.  It is different from CVS import,
simpler (or less powerful, depending how you look at it!).
Right click on a folder that isn't in CVS, do CVS-->Import
and it will make a new module in the repository.  The folder
will now appear to be in CVS "in place". (Francis)

Automatically use WinCVS external diff if available.

Remote shell (rsh) support via :server:. (Francis)

Client logging registry key added properly.  This is
documented in help.html. (Francis)

Worked round bug in wxWindows where web log dialog crashed.
Tidied up web log code into a separate class. (Francis)

Changes for 0.37 (12 February 2001):

WARNING: The new commit dialog may not be perfect.  It is
possible that it's scanning code could miss files that you
have changed, added or removed.  I haven't seen any problems
yet, but to find any, please do "CVS Commit... (old)" just
after a new style commit, to check everything has been

Added commit dialog.  Hooray!  At last.  It needs some
testing, as it uses new code partly-hacked from WinCVS to
recurisvely scan for changes (modified, added and removed
files). (Francis)

Compiled and linked TortoiseAct.exe with Mingw32.  This was
using a cross-compiler running under Linux, but it should
work for native Mingw32 as well. The resulting executable
doesn't work - memory allocation in STL is broken, so it
crashes on the first vector::push_back.  (Francis)

For directories, icon overlays can now show you if any files
within them have chagned.  This is too slow to be useful,
perhaps someone can profile it and make it really fast, but
I suspect it will always be a bit too slow.  To enable, add
a DWORD key "Show Changed Directories" with the value 1 to
HKCU/Software/TortoiseCVS. (Francis)

Removed password entry from CVS Checkout dialog.  It was
unnecessary, since CVSAction prompts you for the password
when necessary.  (Francis)

Changes for 0.36 (29 January 2001):

Threaded progress dialog.  Now it is more responsive during
long checkouts.  I'm sure it will introduce at least one new
problem though. (Francis)

Changed default of "Automatically close if no error" to
false.  I think it confuses non-experts? (Francis)

Added support for merging. Woohoo! (BenC)

Minor changes to add explanation text on tag/branch dialogs,
in order to make it more obvious what happens when you click
OK. (BenC)

Added options to update to retrieve specific revisions and
to reset sticky tags - hold down control key while updating
to bring up dialog box with these extra options. (BenC)

Stop Win2K floppy drive clicking in My Computer, by stopping
TortoiseCVS scanning top level drives.  I hope I've applied
his patch correctly, please check for me! (Stefan

Borland compilation improvements (Stefan Hoffmeister)

Changes for 0.35 (8 January 2001):

Completed first rough draft of wxWindows support.  This
means that all dialogs are now implemented with a native
Win32 widget set, using the wxWindows API to make it easier
to program them.  Some of the dialog layouts are rough at
the edges, and any help to make them prettier would be
welcomed! (Francis)

Changed process launching to use CreateProcess rather than
WinExec, which fixes problems with MessageBoxes not
appearing (Francis)

Recursive directory adding.  This is a new menu item
available when you select a directory which is not in CVS.
Currently it adds _all_ files - with .cvsignore support
later it should know better what to ignore.  Watch you don't
add too many files. (Francis)

Speeded up multiple file adding by adding all text files in
a directory in one command together, and then all the binary
files together. (Francis)

Changes for 0.34 (26 October 2000):

Initial Win32 user interface support (Didier Trosset)

[ This Win32 UI support is not yet in the binary release, as
some of the dialogs are not implemented.  I'm also
considering porting the whole lot to wxWindows - a cross
platform, Open Source widget-set layer, which also gives you
a genuine native Windows interface.
Suggestions/comments/help welcome. ]

Preferences dialog.  It's fairly easy to add new
preferences, so we'll have to try not to go overboard on
them. (Francis)

NT CVS Server support.  Hopefully works with either ntserver
or pserver protocol, although I couldn't test pserver.

Locally mounted directory support. (Francis)

Web log now scans for lots of URLs.  Suggestions for extra
ones are welcomed! (Francis)

Error handling for CVS Remove improved, so if there is an
error during removal you don't lose your file. (Francis)

Windows 95 registry bug fix - external diff program setting
(and others) will now be correctly remembered (Ian Dees)

Initial SSH support.  Very unfriendly, as it prompts for
your password every operation from a DOS window. (Francis)

Changes for 0.33 (released 11 October 2000):

Fixed bug with commit on multiple files (to do with
separators and the new submenu) (Francis)

Added "HOME" registry value. If not present, "C:" is
assumed.  (ie .cvspass can now be relocated) (BenC)

Put Checkout on the main menu, rather than a submenu

Changes for 0.32 (released 2 October 2000):

Checkout dlg now remembers servernames, usernames and
modules  (BenC)

Checkout can now specify branch, tag and/or date  (BenC)

Added Branch and Tag actions  (BenC)

Web log implemented - directly launch your browser into
CVSWeb or ViewCVS on a particular file or directory.  If
your server doesn't have either of these excellent programs
installed, you can do a vanilla textual log.  (Francis)

Separated into an executable and a dll so you can now
perform multiple CVS operations at once.  Should improve
stability as GTK is no longer in Explorer's process space,
and is not loaded in DllMain  (Francis)

Default to quiet mode (CVS parameter "-q") to reduce the
noise in the progress display   (Francis)

Certain menu items are now on a submenu.  This is a general
ability that could be a configuration option later.

In particular, "CVS Remove" is now on the sub menu, to
reduce the chance of people accidentally selecting it

Automatically close progress dialog when there is no error.
I suspect that some will love this and some will hate it.
It should be a configuration option eventually (Francis)

TortoiseTip feature added.  Only one tip so far.  Basically
this adds text to help explain obscure or out of context CVS
command line messages in the progress dialog (Francis)

Changes for 0.31 (released 25 August 2000):

Improved speed of directory display (with some caching).

Changes for 0.3 (released 4 August 2000):

New password dialog.  It automatically appears and prompts
you for your password if a CVS operation fails because you
need to login.  This solves lots of problems with missing
.cvspass files or changed passwords.

Text/Binary file dialog.  If TortoiseCVS can't identify if a
file is text or binary, then it prompts you to tell it.

Aesthetic improvements to the main progress dialog.

New version 2000-07-22 of GTK/GDK/GLIB.

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